Creative Photography DIY Ideas & Tricks

Learn Your Subjects Before You Photograph Them

Creative photography tricks can be used to add unique effects to your photos.

Professional photographers often use varying Depth of Field to add interest to their photos. This technique allows the central subject to be in sharp focus while the foreground and background have a softer focus or blur. This draws more attention to the subject by appearing to separate it from the surrounding areas.

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DOF can be controlled by anyone with a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera by adjusting the aperture (lens opening). However, lighting conditions at the scene will often limit the amount of DOF because opening the lens aperture too large will over expose the photo. Point-and-shoot cameras are almost never able to use creative depth of field due to lack of control over the lens opening.

But here’s a great creative photography trick that ANYONE can use for achieving that cool DOF effect:

Take a piece of clear plastic wrap, available in any grocery store, but instead of wrapping a sandwich we’re going to stretch it over our camera lens. If you have a point-and-shoot camera just stretch it over the whole camera and secure it with a bit of tape or rubber bands. Make sure that there are no wrinkles on the part directly in front of the lens. Those with a protruding lens can use a smaller piece that need only stretch tightly over the lens front, and secure that tightly with a rubber band. Be sure it doesn’t hinder or bind your lenses focusing mechanism.

Once you have your plastic wrap in place, using your finger smear just a bit of baby oil or petroleum jelly onto the wrap (NOT directly on your camera or lens!) along the outer edges of the lens area. So, when you’re finished you should have a clear central area, surrounded by an oil-smeared outer area.

Now, when you take a photo, regardless of your lens setting, the central subject will be in sharp focus yet the edges will be blurred from the light coming through the oil smeared outer ring.

You can use either manual cameras or digital cameras. No matter what device you use, you can create images that capture any situation perfectly.

Another Creative DIY  Idea

To create photographic images that resemble paintings, try having your photos printed onto matte or semi-gloss papers, then painting them by hand with photographic oils or pastels. These items can be picked up at most art supply stores and many camera shops. The most popular paints are made by Marshall’s and are created specifically for use on photographs.

Make sure you hold the camera correctly. Holding the camera correctly reduces the chance that an inopportune movement ruins your shot. Hold the camera with your arms close to your body and the palm of your hand under the camera to prevent the camera from falling or shaking.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! With digital cameras, you can now store an incredible amount of photos. Try it out! Don’t be afraid to set up your camera at a stream one day and play around with the effects to see what kind of photos you get. It can be a great way to learn what works, and what doesn’t.

About Creating Incredible Photos

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If you are thinking about becoming a photographer, it is important that you go to college. Most companies will not hire a photographer unless they have some sort of education in photography. There are many websites that will provide you with the best colleges throughout the whole world for photography.

Even if you are taking a landscape photo, make sure your shot has a focal point. Shots without a focal point can look rather empty and dull. Possible focal points for a nature landscape photo include big trees, waterfalls, and distant mountains. Another trick is to use something that stands out as your focal point, such as a patch of different colored flowers.

Understand and anticipate the impact that wind will have on the photos that you take. For example, if you are planning on shooting flowers, avoid days where the wind is very active. When flowers and plants are stable, you will have the best chance to get the highest quality and resolution in your picture. In situations where you don’t have a choice, such as weddings, have a contingency plan. Are there sheltered areas where the wind will have less impact?

Built in Vs External Flash

Get an external flash unit with a diffuser instead of the built-in flash feature. These built-in flashes often make a picture look very harsh. An external flash unit gives a more natural aspect to your photographs and allows you to edit them without the noise you get when you use another kind of flash.

As stated before, photography is the act of using cameras to create pictures. This is done by using digital cameras or traditional manual cameras. You can create moment capturing images with any camera. Use the advice from the article above to help you take the best pictures. © 2020 | Photography Ideas